Delayed Ejaculation


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Inability to Gain an Erection


When I tell you about all the effects of how harmful erectile...

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Impotence can mean different things to different people. To some it is the inability to get an erection..

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Retarded Ejaculation

Depending on which search you read after you have put in these keywords is going to give you an explanation of what they think retarded ejaculation and caused from. As wrong as the reasons they give for why it happens is also as wrong as any techniques they have to try to fix it. MRN Solutions is going to change every dysfunction's definition and put the real causes beside them as soon as we release all our cures and techniques.

If a man can't ejaculate when and how he wants then it is deemed retarded. I personally am kind of offended at this name to begin with but why not have a insensitive name with a wrong diagnosis.

The medical community says that the reasons for this dysfunction are fatigue, emotions and medical reasons, but I promise you it is breathing and circulation. I can also promise you the MRN Solutions will fix this and explain how to go a lifetime without having to worry about this again.